Thursday, April 16


Would you rather have a leg…or $27.5 million?

I pondered the question as I read this Crain's New York article on an amputee being awarded $27.5 million in her case against NYC Transit Authority. According to the article, the woman's leg was amputated above the knee when she was "hit by the 40,000 pound bus as she crossed West 50th Street at 10th Avenue around 7 p.m. on Nov. 4, 2005."

The award was the "largest ever for a lost leg." Which leaves me wondering - How often does this happen?

So would you rather have 1.5 legs? Or enough money to buy you 200 human legs (as well as a few dozen kidneys) from some peddler on Canal street?


Wednesday, April 1

Birthday Wish #1

Today is April 1. And similar to the 12 Days of Christmas, I believe there should be the 12 Days of Danielle, where I receive presents everyday leading up to the miraculous anniversary of my birth.

Today's gift request is a simple one: squeezable bacon. Because you just never know when you might get a cravin for the bacon. Keep one in your office, your glovebox or at home. Use it as toothpaste! Or shaving cream. It really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Squeez Bacon for only $7.99!