Tuesday, July 28

The Most Delicious Awards Ceremony of the Year – The VENDYs

Make sure to vote this week for your favorite NYC vendors in the 5th annual Vendy Awards. You know, it’s tough…choosing between the Halal cart on 23rd and 5th or the Halal cart on 24th and 6th, but it is in our patriotic duty to do so.

But seriously, huge tossup this year between the Cupcake Stop (newcomer underdog) and Calexico Cart (an overwhelming fan favorite or shoe-in, if you will – now with their own sit-down joint in Red Hook). Who will you vote for?

Nominations close on Saturday August 1. You can vote for your favorite street meats or public alley pasties here.

Thursday, July 23

Is this thing on?

I signed up for a tumblr account. I don't know what the hell I'm doing yet but its http://dailynuzzo.tumblr.com if you wanna check it out.

Tuesday, July 21

Poke Her Face

Really good to finally see the video for Kid Cudi’s “Make Her Say” track. I’ve been listening to this for a few months now. I like the way it’s shot, but it’s a bit strange that Gaga did not make an appearance.

You can download a sick Cudi mixtape here for FREEZ: http://www.datpiff.com/DJ_E-V_Kid_Cudi_Dat_Kid_From_Cleveland.m42738.html

Monday, July 20

MCA is Ill

No, really. Get better soon Yauch. And this one's for you.

Wednesday, July 15

Quit Your Swine-ing

I've been gone for too long. I know. But after a quick bout of swine flu, I promise to make a full recovery and come back.