Wednesday, October 21

Test Drive a Kia for Da Juiceman. Okay!

I came across a tweet about a free Girl Talk concert this Sunday in NYC. When I found out that OJ Da Juiceman would also be performing, I got SUPER excited. I love Da Juiceman. Mainly because of his high pitched “aaay!” and “okay” shouts that can be found in every single one of his songs – play the track below in case you are not familiar. The noise he makes reminds me of a puppy. And I love puppies.

When I found out that I had to test-drive a Kia Soul in order to get into the free show, I was immediately disappointed. I don’t have time to go test drive a car that 1.) I have no interest in buying and 2.) have no money to buy. Kia probably underestimated the number of people who actually live in NYC and purchase/drive cars on this one. They are doing free events across the country, which can be found on the Kia Soul Collective Web site. So maybe some of my public-transportation-restricted readers can take advantage.

Make The Trap Say Aye - Oj Da Juiceman