Wednesday, October 29

Eating Cake, Running Laps, Taking Names.

So my friend Michelle is one of those super-successful, over-achieving, gorgeous, intelligent, funny, perfect girl-next-door types that enjoys tutoring illiterate children and knitting scarves for the homeless in her spare time. She also likes to run 20 miles at 5:00 in the morning before she goes to work for 14 hours as a rising accountant at a major firm.

Naturally, she's running the NYC Marathon this Sunday for charity - Team Continuum, a non-profit that is dedicated to taking immediate care of anyone involved in fighting cancer. As I'm sure that the majority of people out there have had a family member or friend who's been affected by cancer, this is truly a noble cause.

This is why I'm asking you to donate to Michelle's charity run. Instead of dropping $12 on an appletini or $15 on a gourmet cheeseburger this Thursday night, give it to Michelle, who is far more responsible (both fiscally and physically) than you or I!

You can donate directly to her Web site:

While we all can't eat cake, drink Stoli and run 26.2 like Michelle, we can at least help her along the way. Go L!

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Anonymous said...


I think you should consider renaming your blog the "quarterly nuzzo". I think it would be more fitting!

You know who this is.