Friday, October 24


I'm really looking forward to going to NEW JERSEY tonight for a pre-Halloween costume party. I'm even more excited to go to the Jerz after seeing this illustration of my friend Olivia on her lunch break today.
Please note the red bull and sambas along with the gray grandma cardigan - spot on. This illustration looks more like it was created with a digital Nikkon camera than Microsoft Paint.

Anywho, I hope my robot costume will help protect me tonight from the bears that apparently run rampant in the smelly next-door-neighbor state to New York.


Anonymous said...

I'll keep drawing picture If I keep getting some NU NUZZO joints on the blog. I can't tell you how disappointing it is to not see a new post.

Daily Nuzzo said...

You do realize that we are in a recession right? The slave lords over at dailynuzzo lost a ton of c-notes from their stock investments and have been withholding my pay for the past month. I'm now doing this pro-bono. You're welcome.