Thursday, March 19


Apparently Martha Stewart (the ex-con) likes to traverse the country in her private jet. In an time when everyone and everything is downsizing, Ms. Stewart likes to play up the fact that yes, she is a better homemaker than you and yes, her dogs are cleaner/cuter than yours.

So she launched a blog to document the entitled life of her pooches - called The Daily Wag. It's written from the first-person perspective of her dogs, Sharkey and Francesca. I'm sure Genghis Khan would have also blogged, but we all know how that went down.

One of her recent blog entries details the pups' trip to St. Louis. Aw, how cute! Their first time in a private jet! Do you remember how excited you were for YOUR first trip in the private jet? And how each time you think about it you get all warm and fuzzy inside?

I'm glad that we can all relate to Martha and her dogs. And apparently we all do, judging by the comments on her blog from her canine fans across the world. I'm sure these comments are not filtered or anything....

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