Wednesday, March 18


Tonight is an important game for the Knicks. Not only because they need to defeat the Nets in order to have ANY shot of the playoffs. Not because it is a Wednesday and Wednesday is the new "Hoop Day." No, my friends. Tonight is important for an entirely different reason...JEWISH HERITAGE NIGHT AT THE GARDEN!

My friends and I secured the highly coveted tickets to tonight's game weeks ago. And according to the Jerusalem Post, "few tickets" are still available for tonight's game, which will feature kosher food and more importantly, a limited-edition tee shirt emblazoned with the team's name in Hebrew.

I'm going to wear this tee shirt every day. Well...most days. Sometimes I'll have to do laundry.

And can anyone explain why David Lee is featured on the poster for Jewish night? I guess since he's white?

I'll report back to the Daily Nuzzo on my findings and provide a summary of my experience at this truly spiritual event.

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