Tuesday, March 31

Guido Seeking Bromance, Roomate in Hoboken

I happen to be looking around for a new apartment, since my ridiculously ambitious roommate is abandoning me to get her MBA at Univ. of Michigan. While perusing Craigslist, I came across this very enticing ad from a nice gentleman seeking a roommate/wingman in Hoboken, NJ:

We are looking for a fellow cocksman who can keep up with us, or someone cool who could use our help and experience to step up their game. Our place has a new guido style bathroom, Italian tile shower and lots of mirrors(very nice).

To top it off, you can enjoy weekends "down the shore" on their "party boat that fits 13 people and is equipt (sic) with a stripper pole."

Which only leaves me wondering, what can one purchase for a housewarming present? They already have the stripper pole. And lots of mirrors. Did I mention that this place is only $775 a month? They are holding "tryouts" this week. I'll be sure to bring my tanning oil.

Craigslist Ad

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