Wednesday, March 26

Big Dirty

Today, the NY Times reported on a new study from the Straphangers Campaign on the cleanliness of the
New York City subway lines. And by golly, you are in for quite the shocker. Are you sitting down? Wait for it – wait for it - the E line took home the prize for the dirtiest, filthiest subway line known to man (gasp!). What a surprise. As one who is very familiar with the E train (not by choice), I cannot even attempt to count the times that I’ve had to fight back waves of nauseousness due to the smell, usually a combination of rotten milk and human feces.

According to the article, “wet, sticky spots on the train floor, chicken bones, nut shells, spilled coffee, hot dogs and ‘lots and lots of rolling bottles’ often greet subway passengers who travel on the E and the Q trains.” If I had to step over half-eaten hot dogs and peanut shells, I wouldn’t be so disturbed. But what they forgot to mention is the abundance of muggers, pick-pocketers and all-out crazies who favor this particular line. Perhaps there is a connection between cleanliness and criminality?

And now here’s the real twist – the L train was voted the cleanest line in NYC. Who would have thunk it? I guess all of those white hipsters living in Bushwick learned how to properly dispose of garbage during their boarding school days. From now on, I’m taking the bus.


Greg said...

Is this a serious campaign, to find out the cleanest subway lines?

That's like having a contest to see who the richest homeless person is... I'm betting it's those bastards that hang out in Times Square collecting dollars from tourists who have "Give money to a homeless person" on their vacation to-do list.

Ok, the L train is pretty clean, but that's only becasue it's brand new.

Anonymous said...

What are your thoughts on Route 80 compared to the Turnpike?