Monday, March 31

Dear Daily Nuzzo

As a provider of universal truth, I’m somewhat obligated to provide occasional guidance to my wayward and somewhat ignorant audience. Therefore, I’ve created a dedicated column for this exact purpose. I welcome you to the first installment of ‘Dear Daily Nuzzo.’

Dear Daily Nuzzo,
I’ve come across an ethical dilemma. I was riding on the subway the other day, and in comes a woman – cute, young, and slight bulge in lower belly. Do I assume this woman is pregnant and jump up to give her my seat and risk offending a nice girl who has been filling in a void in her life with girl scout cookies? Or do I remain seated, taking the chance of forcing a mother-to-be to stand?

Dear Commuter,
Full disclosure: I’m a strong believer in chivalry. In my opinion, all able-bodied men should give up their seat for a lady, so I don’t think it would be rude if you did. She just might think that you’re hitting on her, which you probably are anyway. So win-win.

Otherwise, I’d look for a wedding ring. If she’s wearing one, it’s a good possibility that she is indeed pregnant. And even if she’s not pregnant, she probably has to go home to a husband that doesn’t fully appreciate her inner beauty– so you giving up a seat for her could be the highlight of her day, or even her week. But please, pleas refrain from asking her how many months along she is.


Anonymous said...

This is terrible advice. I've been pregnant dozens of times and I'm not married, never have been.

Anonymous said...


I have a question for "your readers" that we touched upon last nite...At what age should women realistically stop having kids? Ed. Note: the misinformed, short-sighted or uneducated need not respond.

Anonymous said...

Your reply from anonymous addressed to "D" is pretty pompus. You think your education makes you "all that"?

I know "uneducated" people that I would entrust a child with over many educated persons I know. This person obviously has much to learn from life in general.

Olivia said...

Can we start putting names on our posts?

Seriously people, what are you hiding from?