Tuesday, March 25


As a form of procrastination at work, or possibly as a minor obsession, my friend Greg and I often check-up on one of our 'favorite' journalists - the esteemed Lenore Skenazy, columnist for the New York Sun. What's that you say, the New York Sun? Yes, it is still in circulation for all those right-wing fascists who want to supplement their daily Fox Business Network viewing with a bit of light-hearted reading. Anywho, good ol' Lenore is always one to please her audience, and therefore is always searching for the most groundbreaking and innovative story ideas. As someone who works with the media on a daily basis, I know how important it is to break out of the box and write about a controversial or new topic that will not only gain page views, but will also challenge and stimulate the mental capacity of a reader. Therefore, Lenore uses the ProfNet system.

For all of you who are not familiar with the ProfNet system, it's really quite simple. A journalist signs up to the service, writes a brief description about the story he or she is working on and includes information on their deadline, method of contact, etc. It's a pretty lazy way of putting journalists in contact with the sources they quote in their story.

Lenore seems to be a BIG fan of ProfNet, using the service to occasionally solicit sources, but mainly as an outlet to vent about the everyday grind along with her personal gripes. For instance, the week before Superbowl Sunday, Lenore sent a request to speak to "men." But not just any man, specifically those who "throw up their hands and yell at the TV....Why do guys do that?" I can just imagine how tense it must be to watch the big game in the Skenazy household.

And then there was today. Today is what set all other days apart, in terms of Lenore's quest for journalistic excellence. Today, she posted this:

Topic: PARENTING/TODAY: I Left My Son at Bloomingdale's to Find His Way Home Alone in NYC -- New York Sun

My son kept begging for the chance to be "left" somewhere so he could figure out the subway and bus he'd need to make his way home. So on a sunny day two weeks ago, I left him at a Bloomie's perfume counter here in New York, with a MetroCard and $20 for emergencies. Naturally, he made his way, no problem (we live in Manhattan). He was happy, I was happy; but some friends think this was tantamount to child abuse. Since New York City is as safe as it was in 1963, I don't see why we keep our kids penned up as if this is Baghdad. But I'd like to hear your thoughts on whether we baby our kids too much. Contact: Lenore Skenazy,

That's when I knew that there was something more to Lenore than just her clever columns and humorous banter. The woman is openly admitting to child abuse and is seeking approval and acceptance from complete strangers for this legally punishable crime.

According to Wikipedia, Lenore has two children - a 3-year old and a 5-year old. Let's just give her the benefit of the doubt and say she let the 5-year old go on a Home Alone-like walking tour of midtown Manhattan. Most people wouldn't let their 5-year old kid walk to the next-door neighbors' house, yet alone travel across New York City on a crime-ridden mass transit system. But don't worry, this toddler was armed with a MetroCard AND $20! All systems go, people!

Due to my disdain for outright child abusers, I'll stop reading Lenore's column in the NY Sun.
As much as it pains me to do so, I may even stop sending along her ProfNets to Greg on a daily basis, which always proved to serve up a good laugh. But one thing I will do, is dedicate this posting: "To the rare and radiant maiden whom the angels named Lenore - nameless here for evermore."

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