Friday, March 28

Stop Snitchin' and Start Shopping

I know a majority of dailynzzo readers are also active gang members, so this post's for you!

Hey readers, why limit your daily gang apparel to just bandanas, heavy diamond chains and large tattoos? Whether you’re a Blood or a Crip, several stores in Brooklyn have just the thing for you: licensed Yankees gear branded with your official gang signs and colors!

Yes, boys and girls, Opening Day is a mere three days away. No longer will you have to choose between wearing your “Stop Snitching” tee shirt or your Yankees jersey when you go out to see the Bronx Bombers. Now you can do both…at once!

Wanna know how? Why, just read this extremely detailed NY Daily News article on where to pick up the goods. But don’t get any crazy ideas now. We all know that the Mets would never allow for this sorta thing. Besides, who’s a Mets fan anyway?


Anonymous said...

What about the Latin Kings? You didn't mention us directly. We don't take kindly ranking below mention to the Blood's and Crip's.

Greg said...

This is interesting. I saw one of these hats today in the heavily gang-oriented area of Queens known lovingly as Jo-Ho.

It was in the brown paisley design, but it only came half way up the hat as if it were wrapped with a bandanna.

Way to go Daily News and Dailynuzzo for knowing how it is for us thugs on the street.