Thursday, May 15

Real World Tries to Keep It F’n Real in Brooklyn, Aight?

MTV has chosen Brooklyn as the new home for their once-successful and favorite has-been reality show, The Real World. It has not been disclosed which neighborhood in Brooklyn will play host to the seven white kids, who are likely to all hail from Missouri and/or Montana, but either way, this is bad news for us natives.

Whether it’s a quiet night out at Union Pool or a Sunday Funday at McCarren Park Pool, you will be affected. Prepare to have hordes of camera crews surround you as you try to grind on that smokin' hipster boy at Studio B. Or as you try to buy crack on Metropolitan Ave. Either way, this show is going to turn what’s left of Brooklyn into a tri-state Disneyland.

I wonder if the show will turn out anything like the last time they filmed in New York.

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