Friday, May 30

Dear Daily Nuzzo

Dear Daily Nuzzo,

Do you know what kind of batteries a TI-83 calculator takes?


Dear AVH,

Considering that I took my AP Calculus exam with an abacus, I am completely dumbfounded by this question. No, I do not know what kind of batteries a TI-83 takes nor do I want to know why this is your biggest concern of present time. My advice to you is to put down the calculator and pick up a life on your way home from the nerd factory.

That was kind of harsh. It takes four AAA batteries.


AyVeeAych said...

The Daily Nuzzo is not only entertaining, but also informative! I am going to buy my new AAA (4) batts now and graph a parabola in your honor. Make it three parabolas and several lines with both positive and negative slopes. y = mx+b , BABY.

james gustavson said...

Here's some other information you won't find anywhere:

Point Break

I can make it happen.

"johnny's got his own demons...
Don't you, johnny?"

Shawn "BMX Bandit" Nuzzo said...

Yo B,

The TI-84 PLUS got me some straight A's at Suffolk this semester.

Now you'll excuse me, as I have to go practice my "Triple Lindy" for the big Dive Meet!

Oh yeah, my driver (Rocky's Brother-in-Law) says: Whassup?

Dark said...

Really, AVH?