Wednesday, June 4

Bodies: The Exhibit. Now with more torture victims!

As many New Yorkers already know, the Bodies exhibit is a creepy, disturbing and surprisingly entertaining place to take someone on a first date. Popular with tourists and middle-schoolers alike, the Bodies exhibit in South Street Seaport is on everyone’s must-see list.

But would it matter if you knew that the exhibits were actually the remains of individuals who may have been tortured and executed in communist China? If you’re like me, then probably no, this does not matter to you at all. In fact, I think it adds that extra zing that most dead bodies are lacking!

However, if you feel like even after 1,000 showers you still wouldn’t be able to scrub all the guilt off you for paying $30 to support both communism and torture, you can get your money back if you still have your ticket stub. I know I do. It’s framed, right next to my tickets from the Auschwitz and Hiroshima guided tours.

'Bodies' Show Must Put Up Warnings - New York Times

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Anonymous said...

I am writing this from a prison cell somewhere in...i don't know where. i just read your blog and the news article and now I think my abductors are maybe not the nicest people I've met in captivity. One of the women just asked me if I've seen the bodies exhibit. please send help.

also you look lovely today. but not so much red next time, okay?

and I know what you did last summer.