Wednesday, June 11

And this is what happens when you don’t know what the NY Times restaurant columnist looks like.

Apparently, the owners of Ago, a new Italian restaurant in the Greenwich Hotel, do not know who Frank Bruni is. For those of you who are asking yourselves, who is Frank Bruni, he’s only one of the most influential restaurant reviewers of all time. He wrote up a hysterical column today for the New York Times on the mishaps of uber-hip Ago. After giving it a read, I’m sure that co-owner Robert DeNiro must be ‘raging’ mad.

And yes, I know I reference the movie Raging Bull way too often.

Here's a good vegetarian-friendly quote from the article:

“The [breaded veal Milanese] I had one night was pounded so thin that the breading on top met the breading on the bottom without pausing for much of anything in between. A vegan could have made peace with it…. And no pig should perish for a pork chop as dry as one at Ago.”

Read about all the shenanigans here: No Trouble Drawing a Crowd

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