Wednesday, June 25

Anything You Can Do, I Can Do More Muslim

Sometimes, on extremely rare occasions, I come across a blog that is almost as entertaining as Again, this is very rare. Like Haley’s Comet rare. Anywho, my friend (knowing my penchant for theology) sent me a link to this blog that lists all of the things that are “more Muslim” than Barack Obama.

This cat is obviously more Muslim than Obama according to the following indications of Muslimness:

-traditional Muslim garb, including head scarf
-facial hair, aka whiskers
-belt made out of dynamite

Apparently, I would also be considered more Muslim than Obama due to my undying love of Middle Eastern delicacies, particularly falafel, hummus and ingesting hookah smoke. Hookah counts as a delicacy, right?


Anonymous said...

Is that Persia?

Anonymous said...

Didn't the DARE program teach you anything STAY OFF THE HOOKAH

Anonymous said...

DARE taught me how to use drugs. Isn't that what the program was for?

Daily Nuzzo said...

If it wasn't for the DARE program, I would never have known that there are 7 different types of barbiturates. I used to think there was only one: benzodiazepine. How naive I was as a fifth grader!