Wednesday, June 18

Bros Before Hoes

A friend passed on this very informative map today, which denotes all of the states and cities where has-been rapper Ludacris claims to have “hoes” based on the information he provides in his 2001 hit, “Area Codes.” Click here to see his hoe-hold on America.

Never one to back down from a geographic challenge, I decided to create a map of my own, charting out all the places where I have bros, the male equivalent of hoes. Please write in to let me know if I’m missing anyone.

By the way, I don’t count that one time in Wichita, so Erwin, don’t even try it. I don’t care how cold you claimed that pool water to be, it still doesn’t count.

Click on map for a larger view.


Anonymous said...

This map is the new wallpaper on my desktop. Please post an updated version every sunday.

Liquid Dreams said...

Erwin redeemed himself with me Nuzzo. Twice. and once in the morning :)