Wednesday, June 18

New York Times Pulls a Fast One on Daily Nuzzo

In more geographical news, the New York Times blatantly stole my idea about going to each ball park in the U.S. and writing a book about the differences in hot dog quality and style in each stadium. Well, they didn’t write an entire book on it. And it wasn’t exclusively focused on hot dogs. But still. I’m kinda pissed.

Finding the Hits, Avoiding the Errors – NYT Interactive Map

I must admit, this is actually pretty cool. However, I dispute the following:

1. Wrigley Field – the hot dogs are delicious. Poppyseed bun, relish, pickles, tomatoes. What more can you ask for?
2. Yankee Stadium – how come the sugar cookies from the bakery on the ground level were not included? Where else can you take a bite out of A-Rod’s face without it getting written up in the Post the next day?
3. Dodgers Stadium – the garlic fries, albeit soggy with oily deliciousness, are not to be passed up.
4. U.S. Cellular Field (Chicago White Sox) – Try the foie gras. It's to die for.

I’ll allow the New York Times to revise their story, but just this once. You’re skating on thin ice, Times, very thin ice!


Nate said...

You went to dodgah stadium once! Yes, the garlic fries are great, but you're totally ignoring the fact that Carl's Jr. sells burgers here and in Anaheim!

Also, of note: garlic fries are even better in San Francisco.

Also, of note: Safeco in Seattle has the best food and beer (and only 10 dollars for large premium!) in baseball. Ignore the sushi though.

Kimmie said...

Question: What U.S. stadium sells Function? I don't care what flavor. Or whether it has the messy "west coast" cap.

Who does a girl have to sleep with to get a Function?

Daily Nuzzo said...

I believe the only place where one can acquire Function is in Nate's fridge or at the ingenious laundromat/liquor store combo, located on Fountain Avenue in West Hollywood.

Nathaniel said...

you can go to whole foods, or dean and deluca, or and click on retailers.

come on guys, i can't do ALL the work.

Anonymous said...

Let's set the record straight: I came up with the idea for writing a book on Baseball Stadium Hot-dogs. I don't know what I am more offended by: you taking credit for my idea or you taking offense to someone else stealing MY idea! oh, and to use an 80s catchphrase that was and still is complete lame...How Rude!