Thursday, June 19

I’ll have a tall falsie with extra head, please.

Have you noticed that it’s been taking you longer and costing you more money to get drunk lately? Don’t worry, it’s probably not a serious alcohol dependency problem. No, the blame is not on you, beer guzzler, but rather on your glass.

According to the Wall Street Journal, several bars and restaurants around the country have been serving pints of beer in 14 oz thick-bottomed glasses, as opposed to a standard pint of 16 oz. Bartenders are charging the same amount for beer served in the “falsie” glass as they are for the standard glass.

The article states that Hooters, the top-notch dining establishment, serves draft beer in 14-ounce glasses in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee, and regular pint glasses in other states. Which is a bit strange, since I thought all Hooters franchises served “falsies” on the regular. Oh wait, I think I’m confusing pint glasses with their waitresses’ breasts. I hate it when that happens.

“A Pint Sized Problem”, Wall Street Journal


Gregumms said...

maybe they should pour the beer directly into the waitress' bra, since they're not using them. We're sure to get our money's worth on that investment!

Olivia said...

Thats my sister. I told you not to use that picture Danielle.

Tuff Tony said...

Every Hooters is the same; lame middle aged men that try to impress the skanky 20/30 year old women that are one step-dad away from working at the Velvet Cheetah or some other banged up strip club. Can't forget about the super sexy tan panty hose they wear, with wigwam socks and all white sneakers. They look like Denver Bronco's cheerleaders from the 70's.

Daily Nuzzo said...

How do you know that I moonlight at the Velvet Cheetah? It would be a stretch to think that I could enjoy my lifestyle on the salary that dailynuzzo provides.

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