Thursday, May 1

What Daily Nuzzo Wants

I know my birthday has already come and gone, like an alleycat in the night, but it is never too late to send your favorite blogger a gift. And this is what I want.

Since I’m often shackled to my desk chair by the tyrants who run this blog, I have little opportunity to enjoy the inherent pleasure of watching a baseball day game. Not that I’m overly interested in seeing how low the Yankees can fall under .500, but I still like to know what’s going on. I also enjoy looking at things with blinking lights.

For a mere $199, you can plug this bad boy into your computer and the wonders of satellite will light up the old-fashioned scoreboard. Just like the good ol’ days when hot dogs were $1 and women weren’t allowed in the stadium.

And the icing on the cake, in my opinion, is that you’ll never have to hear Susan Waldman’s voice again.

Liveboard – Live Baseball Scorecard


Mike Astarita said...

Waldron or Waldman? Either way, she is really awful.

Daily Nuzzo said...

I am still suffering from jet lag, obvi, as i typed "susan waldron" in my original post. Good eye, Mike. And actually, I see now that it is Suzyn, not Susan. I should have known that the spelling of her name would be almost as obnoxious as her voice.

Nice video montage, by the way.