Wednesday, April 30

Daily Nuzzo is Back. With a Hangover!

I’m back to blogging, bitches. I know how much you missed me. I was going to throw up my arms and toss my Dell desktop through my bedroom window, never to be heard from again, but I had a change of heart. Upon arriving back at work today, I realized how painful it is to make it through an entire workday without telling complete strangers exactly how I’m feeling. So here I go.

I had a shockingly-good time out in L.A., the under-achieving baby sister of New York. It was less crowded and had more sun. There was slightly more pollution, but only in the form of smog, as opposed to the rotting piles of garbage on the streets that you find here in the ‘Big Dirty.’ I ate good Mexican. I ate hot dogs dressed with bacon, sour cream and relish. I ate garlic fries at Dodgers stadium. I saw an original Space Invader graffiti installation. I went swimming in Hermosa Beach and had my fortune told by Zoltar in Venice Beach. I contemplated getting a tattoo three times. And I survived the California freeway.

Coachella was the highlight of the trip. It was by far the most convenient and well-organized music festival I’ve ever been to, despite being 120 miles away from L.A. in the middle of a godforsaken desert. The temperature reached 104 degrees on Saturday, but in my drunken and exhausted state, I hardly noticed. My favorite sets were Gogol Bordello (best live show I’ve been to), Man Man, MGMT, The Cool Kids, Vampire Weekend, Yelle, Diplo and Animal Collective. Besides a mini-breakdown at the thought of paying $7 for a slice of pizza (American dollars!) best times were had by all.

A big shout-out to Muller and crew for their generous hospitality. I’ve never felt more comfortable crashing in strangers’ beds and couches. And I’ve never drank more Function in my life. I’m still waiting for my lifetime supply to arrive to my doorstep in Queens, Nate.

You can view my pictures of the Voyage out West here.

Also, Pitchfork did a nice write-up of Coachella.

I look forward to doing it all again next year.

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Doesn't Function: Urban Detox PREVENT/ALLEVIATE hangovers?