Monday, April 7

Oh Lenore – Just One Time More

Okay, so even though I vowed never to write about her on this blog again (see my first post), Lenore Skenazy has finally published her widely-criticized article about letting her son find his way home from a crowded department store on the other side of Manhattan. She claims that her son is 9 years old (not 5 as I had reported) and not only did she give him a subway map, metrocard and $20, but she ALSO gave him quarters. Why? Did she want him to do the laundry while he was at it? Of course not! The quarters were distributed in case he needed to make a call. He’d then have to find a payphone and most likely, learn how to use it. According to Lenore, she didn’t give him her cellphone since she “didn’t want to lose it.”

It seems that she’s implying that she was pretty certain that her child would get lost and never return, since she seemed pretty damn sure that if she gave up her cell phone it wouldn’t make it back. I mean, I’d be more concerned about losing my son than losing a cell phone, but who knows? Maybe it was an iPhone.

Read the article if you must. I loathe Lenore even more than I ever have before (wow) for her burn on Queens at the end. Seriously Lenore, you’re dead to me.

Why I Let My 9-Year-Old Ride the Subway Alone

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