Thursday, April 10

Et tu, Cops?

The New York Police Department will start random testing for steroid abuse among their underpaid/overworked officers. Apparently, some cops have been hitting the juice hard, which is not very shocking to me. Every time I ask a cop for directions or to arrest that man running away with my purse, they look at me with a blank stare and continue on with their conversation. Is gross indifference a common side effect of roids?

I disagree with this new measure. I think that steroids are beneficial, if not essential, for the NYPD to fulfill their civic duty – protecting Gotham from murderers, muggers and terrorist attacks all while looking super-ripped in those tight, navy blue outfits. Did I just write that out loud? Sorry, my mind wanders sometimes.

Police Department to Start Routinely Testing Officers for Steroid Use

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