Friday, April 4

It's Going Down, Brah

The Daily Nuzzo Weekend Guide
If you’re like me, and most of you probably are, you have tickets to tonight’s Yankees game. Considering it’s been pouring for the past ten hours, I’d put a heavy wager down that the game will be rained out. So in that case, here’s some other options for tonight and this weekend.

Watch some heavily-tattooed MMA fighters duke it out in the International Fight League “New Blood, New Battles” fight tonight at 7:30 at the Izod Center in New Jersey. Seeing these men up close is almost as terrifying as their stage names – “The Polish Hammer,” “The Janitor,” “Miltary” – need I list more? You can purchase tickets here.

Wanna get wasted? And dance like an idiot? Then head to Galapagos Art Space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on Saturday night. $5 will get you in and you’ll enjoy free shots of absinthe all night. It tastes like engine coolant but as Samuel L. Jackson would say, “it will get you drrrruuunkkk.”

Catch the Cool Kids on Sunday night at 8:00 p.m. at S.O.B.’s (Varick and Houston Streets). This is the first Manhattan show for the Chicago rap duo, and they’re likely to blow up, being named one of the top 10 bands to watch in 2008 by Rolling Stone Magazine.

Culturize Yourself, Bitches
The Orchid Show at the NY Botanical Garden is closing on Sunday, so this is your last chance to see some bomb ass orchids.

Everyone’s talking about it. The Takashi Murakami exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. Complete with a pop-up Louis Vuitton store in the lobby, it’s more of a commercial for the Japanese art star than an actual art installation, but if you like Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Girls clothing line and art from the land of the rising sun, this is right up your alley.


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