Friday, April 11

Daily Nuzzo Tells You What to Do - Weekend Edition

The Yankees take on the hated Red Sox this weekend, so if you’re lucky, you’ll be headed up to the Bean to take in the game at Fenway. If you’re like me, you’ll be stuck here. So here’s some other cool stuff to do:

Eat Cheap
One of my favorite places to eat is at Lodge in Williamsburg. The crowd is not too pretentious, the food is great, decent beer selection…and it’s pretty cheap by NYC standards. The interior looks like an upstate ski lodge sans grunting lumbermen in flannel shirts. You’ll only find hipsters in flannel shirts here.

Drink Cheap
After Lodge, walk down to 295 Grand Street to Larry Lawrence, a pretty well-hidden bar that bears no sign other than an ominous black door with the numbers 295 on it. Walk through this door, down the hall, and open the last door. Now breathe – you’re safe and your organs haven’t been stolen…yet. I really like the atmosphere in here and if you get the opportunity, talk to the shaggy haired-bartender. He looks like he’s high on LSD, but he actually is in finance. Go figure!

DSW is offering 20 percent-off coupons for all of their locations this weekend. So even if you live on the mid-coast, you can still get in on the savings for those new kicks.

Good thing you picked up those new dancing shoes - Hot Chip is playing at Terminal 5 on Saturday night.

Calling all you New Yorkers - the weekend forecast calls for more rain - so it’s the perfect opportunity to open up a 12-pack of Brooklyn Lager and catch up on all of those New York classic films that you’ve got on your cue. New York Magazine breaks down the best, including my personal favorite, Dog Day Afternoon.

Text Me a Drink
Now, instead of having to get off your ass and actually go out to celebrate your friends’ birthdays, you can just buy them a drink from the comfort of your couch. Belvedere Vodka created a Web site that allows you to send a drink code to your buddy’s phone or e-mail that they can redeem for free vodka. Looking at the list of participating bars in NY, only the seediest of pubs make the list. Which makes me wonder if this is all a scheme – it’s hard to imagine that these bars carry anything other than Moonshine and Don Diego so purchase with caution.


Olivia said...

I am Havemeyer Boulevard!

Henry said...

Are you going to these places tonight? I'm really into chick bloggers...

Daily Nuzzo said...

Henry - I'm not going to pretend that I'm not flattered by your bold hit-on tactic via blog comment. But running a prestigious Web site is a huge time commitment and I take my work very seriously. I just don't think it would work out between you and I. You enjoy long walks on the beach. I enjoy online quizzes to see how many WPM I can type. You like to watch the sunset. I get angry when I see the sunrise, knowing I only have 12 more hours of blogging left in the day. You catch my drift? Perhaps in another lifetime we could have been special, you and I. Bot not in the age of Web 2.0. I'm sorry.

Greg said...

Interesting response Dailynuzzo. Despite your callous theories, Henry is actaully not me. You may very well have just thrown away the best to ever happen to you.

In other sarcasm, did you really say your faorite place was the Lodge and then continue to say, the crowd is not TOO pretentious, the beer is DECENT and it's cheap by NYC standards, which is to say that it's pretty damn expensive?

AyVeeAych said...

text me so I can get free Don Diego.