Friday, April 11

Red Shirt + Cement Mix = Cruising for a Bruising

I’m highly skeptical about this, but the New York Post reported that a construction worker at the new Yankee stadium site deliberately buried a Red Sox shirt in the concrete foundation under what will become the visitors’ clubhouse.

The Boston fan hoped to curse the new home of the Yanks with this stunt and went and bragged about it to all the local papers.

So why are we withholding this man’s name?? And when I say man, I’m using the term very loosely. And since when does the NY Post use unnamed sources? And since when are they sympathetic to the plight of Red Sox fans?

I demand answers to these questions. Don’t think I won’t go to the Yankee Stadium construction site right now and identify the scoundrel myself. I know a liar and a cheater when I see him, and most of the time, he’s wearing a Red Sox cap and steel-toed boots.

Report: Worker tries to jinx Yanks with buried Red Sox shirt

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