Friday, April 18

Trend Alert: Stupid Sunglasses

It’s 75 degrees out today, which can only mean two things: (1) people are showing more skin than they should; (2) people are wearing stupid sunglasses. I’ve noticed an inordinately large number of people wearing the classic “neon party glasses” (pictured at left), a staple in the 80’s accessories genre and a common party favor at Sweet 16’s, Bar Mitzvahs, Weddings, Funeral and the like.

Is this a new trend? Are these people trying to be hip/ironic by wearing a pair of sunglasses that offers neither UV protection or a sense of style?

Discuss among yourselves.

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Esoteric Radio said...

Silent James sports the neon green eye-wear every summer! You could illustrate your point best with a pic of him in those shades. There's even a story about how hard it was for him to obtain them.