Tuesday, April 1

Video of Man's Greatest Disappointments Leads to Victory, sorta

Joe Girardi sure knows how to run a team. He also knows how to work a VCR. In a profile piece in today’s NY Times, Girardi discussed the cunning tactics he used to prepare his team for the season home opener:

“Before Girardi spoke to the team Saturday, he showed a seven-minute videotape. The tape opened with the last game the Yankees played, a 6-4 loss to the Cleveland Indians in the 2007 American League division series. The current Yankees watched Jorge Posada strike out for the final out and then watched the camera shift from one glum Yankee to the next…The tape then showed a scene from “We Are Marshall,” a movie about how the Marshall University football team responded after 75 players and coaches died in a 1970 plane crash. Girardi also included a clip of an American soldier who had lost his eyesight in combat in Iraq speaking to the 2004 United States Olympic basketball team. Despite his accident, the soldier fought to stay in the Army. Girardi said the Yankees were captivated.”

I’d be captivated too if you subjected me to a film where 75 people die and a young man loses an eye within the first seven minutes of footage. Thankfully, fear tactics work with this ball club, as the Yanks won their home opener over the Blue Jays, 3-2.

Girardi Gets an Early Start With the Yanks, a Day Early

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