Friday, April 18

Daily Nuzzo Deserves a Break

As some of you may know, I’m taking a business trip out to the West Coast to do some market research on the culture of Californians. Besides their fondness for terrycloth and avocados, I don’t know too much about them. The ideal behind this research is that Daily Nuzzo will eventually have offerings on what to do in a multitude of urban centers, including Miami, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., and Bloomington, IL.

I’ll also be attending the Coachella music festival and will try to remember some portions of those 3 hazy days out in the desert in order to blog about it later. If I were you, I’d check out the official Coachella blog if you want to know what happened. I’m gonna check it when I get back too, so I can also find out what happened.

This will be my last post until Tuesday, April 29 when I may or may not return. In my absence, I’m sure many of you will find other ways to procrastinate during the work day. Some of you may even start a blog of your own, as an act of spite and revenge. But I only ask one thing of you, faithful readers. I ask that you keep the Daily Nuzzo dream alive. Like I said in the beginning, we need page views people, lots of page views! Daily Nuzzo just doesn’t write itself over here…or does it?


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Well, come one already! Give me Nuzzo, or give me DEATH! (and by death I mean a healthy lumping of Maker's Mark on the rocks)