Friday, April 11

Canine Gets Canned; Las Vegas to Rely on Slightly Less Furry, Less-Qualified Meteorologist

Little Jordan, the beloved 8-month-old lab puppy/chief weatherman, has mysteriously disappeared from his post at the illustrious Las Vegas news station, KVBC-TV. Little Jordan had been delivering the always-unpredictable Nevada weather news (hot and sunny today with little chance of rain) with his less-adorable, human co-star, John Fredericks.

According to an AP article, (yes, the Associated Press is reporting on this breaking news story) Little Jordan replaced Jordan, a golden retriever who died last summer and had served as the principal meteorologist for the station.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Are these dogs getting whacked so that greedy, selfish and non-canine John Fredericks can steal the spotlight? He issued a statement to dispel such murder rumors: “The dog was removed from the broadcast ... pending the resolution of contractual terms.”

However, Lisa Howfield, the station’s manager, is tooting a different tune: "It was John's choice to take the dog off the air," she said. "I would have liked us to keep the dog on the air."

First Jordan and now Little Jordan? What kind of maniac are you, John? You can’t just keep killing everything that gets in your way of obtaining a respectable position at a local news bureau. All we can do is pray that all dogs actually do in fact go to heaven.

Vegas Weather Dog In The Dog House


Anonymous said...

Daily Nuzzo-

You are such an alarmist. He probably just got a better deal. Everyone knows you leave local news for a larger media market. We'll probably see Little Jordan in Boston or Chicago shortly.


Greg said...

Would have been a waaay better conclusion to say, "all we can do is pray that all dogs do in fact have their day."