Wednesday, April 9

Daily Nuzzo is dangerous to my health

Blogitis. Inflamed blogoflex. Blog bite. Blogarrhea. Infectious blogopisia.

Call it what you will, but it all leads to the same thing: death! The NY Times recently revealed several “death by blogging” cases, where avid bloggers are dying right at the keyboard as they type furiously to get that one last posting in. Brian Lam, who is still alive and is the chief blogger for, attributes his ability to escape death back to his Thai boxing days: “I’ve got a background getting punched in the face,” he said. “That’s why I’m good at this job.”

For those of us who don’t get punched in the face on a regular basis, it seems that blogging inevitably leads to an unjust, horrific death. But don’t get upset about missing that final post – you know, the post to end all posts - “goodbye suckers…I’ll see you all in hell!!!!” A new site, enables bloggers to send time-delayed messages to all of their friends, family and worst enemies after they die. So when you don’t log on to your computer or post to your blog for an extended period of time, the site will automatically send out all those posthumous messages that you’ve been dying (pun intended) to send while you were alive, but you just never had the balls.

So watch out for those “I never really loved you” or “you were the worst boss ever” or “I can’t believe you wore the same prom dress as me, you skank” emails in your inbox soon! It’s the ultimate bitch slap, unless of course it winds up in you spam folder.

NY Times Article – Writers Blog Till They Drop

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