Wednesday, April 2

For Skanks and Saints Alike

Hey Ladies! Are you tired of men staring down your chest when you wear low-cut blouses with plunging necklines? Sick of men whistling at you when you walk down the street in a tube top and pencil skirt? Well, have I got the thing for you – the Winkee!

According to their Web site, the Winkee lets you “go from the boardroom to bodacious, without changing clothes.” It will also increase the productivity of men (or women!) around the office!

It’s simple! Just study this complex instruction page and you’ll soon realize that the Winkee is just a pair of underwear twisted around your bra! And the photo shows a lady wearing a Winkee while praying in church…in church! Well, if God endorses it, than so do I.

The perfect gift for all of your skanky friends!

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