Wednesday, April 16

You Know You're Old When...

You still think that Kids in the Hall are funny. They’re back, bitches. And they’ve got a whole lot of head-crushing to do.

Years ago, my older brother took me to a live show of KITH when they went on tour in NYC. I was inappropriately young and blocked out the majority of their most vulgar (and most hysterical) skits, so I’m looking forward to it the second time around.

Get the dates of their new live shows here.


Anonymous said...

Wow. That "crushing debt" bit must have stung a bit :)

Greg said...

Despite repeated attempts to get interested in Kids in the Hall, I just could not find any of their stuff funny.

However, this comercial may be an indication that I was simply too mentally and emotionally underdevloped to receive this brand of comedy at the time. I found it well thought out, well executed, well delivered and most importantly, hillarious.

There is, of course, the possibilty that this was nothing more than a fluke, a fleeting moment of comedic genious in a sea of lackluster and unmotivated performances. Either way, all invovlved in that comercial should be commended as I am psyched about catching the very unanticipated relaunch of a mediocre show.