Wednesday, April 2

Its Not Me...It's My Location

Using data from the U.S. Census Bureau, some guy dedicated a few months of his life to mapping out the single male-to-female ratio in several major U.S. cities. His conclusion: guys love to live where it’s warm and sunny. Girls do not. Instead, they prefer to live far, far away on the east coast, where the winters are unbearably cold and the summers are painstakingly hot.

Looking at this data, I’ve concluded that I’m up against 210,000 other single NY girls in the fight for a decent boyfriend. However, if I lived in California, I could technically have my pick of nearly 90,000 single men. Factoring out the gays and the uglies, that’s at least 40,000 guys to choose from. Knowing me, I’d still complain that there isn’t anyone who really “gets me,” but I sure as hell wouldn’t be having lean cuisine for dinner tonight.

Looking for a Man? Move to the West Coast

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Michael said...

Maybe guys just like the idea of you...